Provincial Advisory Board

for the Centre for Educational Research, Collaboration, and Development

The Provincial Advisory Board is designed to maintain CERCD within the communicative and influence networks of education in Saskatchewan. It includes representatives from all educational agencies and from the teaching profession.


The Provincial Advisory Board is composed of:

  1. Dean of Education (Chair)
  2. Director of CERCD (Secretary)
  3. Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Programs
  4. A representative from each of the following agencies:
    • Faculty of Education, University of Regina
    • Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF)
    • Saskatchewan School Boards Association (SSBA)
    • League of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents (LEADS)
    • Ministry of Education, Government of Saskatchewan
    • Gabriel Dumont Institute
    • First Nations University of Canada
    • Regina Open Door Society
    • Out Saskatoon
  5. Director of the Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (SELU)
  6. Such representatives at-large as the Chair of the Provincial Advisory Board, on recommendation from the Provincial Advisory Board shall approve.