The name of the organization shall be the Centre for Educational Research, Collaboration, and Development, of the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina. In keeping with the University of Regina’s policy on research institutes and centre, the designation of the organization shall be that of a faculty-based research centre.


The primary purpose of the Centre is to support the growth and development of educational researchers and research communities in conducting educational research and development projects that are meaningful to and serve the needs of diverse communities in local, provincial, national, and/or international contexts.

In particular, the mission of the Centre shall include:

2.1     Promoting and supporting meaningful and relevant educational research in the Faculty of Education and beyond;

2.2     Providing enhanced opportunities for faculty members to undertake research activities and for student researchers to gain experience and competency in supporting and engaging in research and development projects;

2.3     Working collaboratively with the Faculty of Education’s Research and Graduate Programs to attract and support graduate students through the generation of funding opportunities such as scholarships, awards, fellowships, visiting scholars, and postdoctoral appointments;

2.4     Increasing the impact of the Faculty’s research by disseminating research findings to researchers, practitioners, and communities through traditional and open-access publications, professional learning events, public lectures, community engagement initiatives, webinars, and other means;

2.5     Supporting the development of Faculty-based research clusters to facilitate connections and collaboration amongst faculty and student researchers with complementary interests;

2.6     Securing external sources of revenue for the Faculty through the facilitation of research and professional service contracts with various partners; and

2.7     Building the reputation of the Faculty of Education (and by extension the University of Regina) as a leader in educational research and development.


The Centre adheres to the guiding principles of the Faculty of Education’s mission and vision statements, with a strong emphasis on the following: the enhancement of teaching and learning; an overarching focus on Indigenization and decolonization; the pursuit of a more equitable and just society; the development of engaged citizens; and the respectful and critical engagement in local, provincial, national, and international communities.


4.1     The Faculty of Education of the University of Regina shall provide the physical facilities to accommodate the Centre and shall encourage and support the participation of academic staff in the Centre’s activities.

4.2     Sources of funds administered by the Centre will include revenue from grants-in-aid and revenue from contract research and services.


The Centre, as a University entity, shall follow the rules and regulations of the University of Regina. In particular, the Centre shall be guided by the University of Regina’s policy relating to research institutes and centres.

5.1     Director

5.1.1     There shall be a Director, to be appointed for a three-year term, and subject to renewal at the end of said term, by the Dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Regina.  The Director shall exercise authority over the Centre and its operations.  The Director shall report regularly to the Management Board.

5.2     Management Board

5.2.2     The membership and quorum of the Management Board shall be composed of:

5.2.3     The Dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Regina (Chair)

5.2.4     The Director of the Centre

5.2.5     The Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Programs, Faculty of Education, University of Regina

5.3   Provincial Advisory Board

5.3.1     There shall be a Provincial Advisory Board designed to maintain the Centre within the communicative and influence network of education in Saskatchewan. The membership of the advisory board may be revised in the future to include national and international members depending upon the types and breadth of activities that the Centre undertakes.

5.3.2     The Provincial Advisory Board shall be composed of:

  1. The Director of the Centre (Chair)
  2. The Dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Regina
  3. The Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Programs, Faculty of Education, University of Regina
  4. One elected faculty member from the Faculty of Education, University of Regina
  5. A representative from each of the following:
    • Faculty of Education, University of Regina
    • Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF)
    • Saskatchewan School Boards Association (SSBA)
    • League of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents (LEADS);
    • Ministry of Education, Government of Saskatchewan;
    • Gabriel Dumont Institute
    • First Nations University of Canada
    • Regina Open Door Society
    • Out Saskatoon

5.3.3     The task of the Provincial Advisory Board shall be to provide advice on strategic directions
with respect to the role and function of the Centre.

5.3.4     The Provincial Advisory Board shall meet at least once per year and at the request of the
Chair of the Board.

5.4 Constitutional Change

5.4.1     As necessary, the Management Board shall review and amend the constitution of the Centre. Constitutional amendments must be reviewed and approved by the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Education.


6.1     As projects are undertaken, staff shall be employed by (or become associated with) the Centre as need dictates. The association may be intermittent or full time over the life of the project. In all projects, attempts shall be made to include in a direct way individuals or their representatives from the communities impacted by or involved in the research. Appointments may include (but will not be limited to):

6.1.1     Faculty researchers: As the Centre develops research partnerships with various entities, faculty members with compatible research interests and capacities will be invited to carry out research contracts.

6.1.2     Students: Where appropriate and whenever possible, graduate and undergraduate students will be invited to take on research support roles.

6.1.3     Administrative/technical staff: As needs arise, additional staff will be contracted to take on specific administrative and/or technical roles related to the Centre’s activities.

6.2     Staff shall be responsible to the Director for work commissioned under the aegis of the Centre.


The Centre shall produce and disseminate an annual report to the Provincial Advisory Board, to the Dean of Education, and to other interested agencies.