Continual Professional Learning and Currency of Practice Framework for Registered Teachers

Primary Investigator Dr. Pamela Osmond-Johnson
Partner Organization Saskatchewan Professional Teachers Regulatory Board



This project investigates the continual professional learning and currency of practice for registered teachers in the province of Saskatchewan. The project goal is to collect data that can lead to the creation of a framework for continual professional learning and currency of practice for registered teachers in Saskatchewan. The research plan includes a jurisdictional scan of existing data around the scope of professional learning supported by various agencies in the province, an overview of the experiences of teachers with respect to ease of access and opportunities to self-direct their professional learning, and the perspectives of teachers and educational stakeholders (STF, LEADS, SSBA) with respect to currency of practice in relation to teacher registration and employment. Findings from this study will add a larger Saskatchewan narrative to the ongoing Canadian conversation around the importance of high-quality teacher professional learning. The project will also contribute to a better understanding of the professional learning needs of Saskatchewan teachers and perspectives around the issue of currency of practice.

Dr. Pamela Osmond-Johnson (1)
Investigator Bio

Research Interests

My primary research interests are in the area of teacher professional learning, teacher professionalism, and the work of teacher associations. I am particularly interested in the manner in which teacher federations serve as platforms for teacher activism and broader notions of professionalism. I am also interested in social justice leadership and understanding more about how educational leaders strategically navigate the space between supporting organizational priorities and challenging institutional norms.

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