Authentic Assessment Policies in Saskatchewan: A Document Analysis


Building off of an initial project, wherein school superintendents, the STF and the Ministry were interviewed about provincial and division-specific assessment policies, this project will consists of a document-analysis of twenty-seven division-specific assessment policies in Saskatchewan. This study aims to better understand the current state of assessment policy in the province through the lens of division-specific assessment policies. The questions that guide this project are: what is the state of division-specific assessment policies in Saskatchewan? What areas of overlap can be identified regarding content, theoretical grounding, and (inter)provincial policies?
Primary Investigator Cristyne Hébert
Co-Investigators None
Funding Competition
Funding Awarded $7,500.00
Investigator Bio

Research Interests

Dr. Hébert’s research is broadly centred around digital literacy learning, non-traditional forms of assessment, and teacher education. Her current work focuses on multimodal assessment in K-12 classrooms, assessment policies in Saskatchewan, maker pedagogies, and field experiences in teacher education.

Academic Qualifications

  • Doctor of Philosophy (2015) – Language, Culture and Teaching, York University
  • Master of Arts (2010) – Philosophy, Queen’s University
  • Bachelor of Education (2008) – University of Ottawa
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (2008) – Philosophy, York University