Building Capacity for STEM Education & Digital Literacy


The purpose of this grant was to build capacity around maker pedagogies, digital literacy skills and STEM learning. The study focussed on how small ‘maker’ workshops could assist and support pre-service teachers in developing dynamic STEM/Maker pedagogies with K-12 students in their internships. The study looked at how providing some experiences with a number of digital tools (e.g. ozobots and Makey Makeys) could assist students in making small units for STEM learning during their internship. The research revealed new affordances and skills developed by these students in their maker workshops and engagement with students.

Primary Investigator Jesse Bazzul
Co-Investigators Cristyne Hébert
Funding Competition
Funding Awarded $4,996.78
Investigator Bio

Research Interests

My research interests revolve around social theory and its connection to structures of education, social and ecological justice, with a specific interest in the direction and development of science and environmental education. Currently, my scholarly work addresses how ethical subjectivities are constituted through education, as well as how these ethical subjectivities align (or do not align) with vital political struggles in/through education.