Dreaming a beautiful world through the truth of âcimowin


Primary Investigator Anna-Leah King
Co-Investigators n/a
Funding Competition
Funding Awarded $750.00
Investigator Bio

Dr. Anna-Leah King is Anishnaabe kwe from Wikwemikong Unceeded Reserve, Manitoulin Island, Ontario. She currently works in the Faculty of Education, University of Regina as Associate Professor, Chair of Indigenization for the faculty and Chair of the Indigenous Advisory Council for the university. Her teaching role includes anti-oppressive education, art, Indigenous literatures, language revitalization and Indigenous spirituality in education. Her research is focused on Indigenous literature, Indigenous oral story, Elders & Indigenous Youth and Indigenous language revitalization. She loves Indigenous authored children’s literature to use in teaching and has written a children’s book Pimatisiwin: Powwow Dance: a Celebration of Life (2006) in the Cree/English language with CD for language listening and learning. Her research involves Indigenous language preservation in a community directed Saulteaux-Anishnaabe mentor-apprentice language study in Keeseecoose.  Her Indigenous Storytelling research also includes birthing stories from Elders from an Indigenous community.