The Work and Wellbeing of Saskatchewan School Principals of Colour During COVID


Primary Investigator Donna Swapp
Co-Investigators None
Funding Competition
Funding Awarded $5,250.00
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Investigator Bio

Donna’s research interests are broadly situated in the field of educational administration and leadership. They include school administrators’ and teachers’ work, educators’ wellbeing, global education policy, and equity-driven leadership and pedagogy in school systems. Donna has investigated the work and wellbeing of school principals in Ontario and revised principal leadership frameworks in this province to better reflect equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). She also recently concluded a study of school leadership in the Caribbean, examining the trajectory and constitution of school principals’ work in her native Grenada from critical, postcolonial, and relational theoretical frames of analysis. Presently, Donna is interested in exploring how the pandemic has reconfigured and/or reinforced particular forms and understandings of school principals’ work, impacted school leaders’ wellbeing, and compelled us to reimagine the future of school leadership.